About Wandering Wilson

Wandering Wilson was created by a professional photographer who spent over 20 years in photography shooting hundreds of weddings, meeting thousands of cool people who had their own unique twist on a wedding or elopement.

She worked alongside a number of funky photographers, some with years of guidance and others just starting out.

What she learnt was that all couples want something different to the last wedding and some photographers need encouragement and business support.

About the Owner




Hello Folks!

My name is Michelle and I am crazy , quirky, creative professional photographer designer and business consultant currently living in the rustic charms of Rutland with my lovely husband, teenage daughter and my little black cat, Archie. Im a mum of 3 - two who have already flown the nest and soon to be NAN! Eeeek  - Im only mid 40's how can this be...(daughter is 25)

Im a bit of a tree hugger - passionate about kindness and always being honest. My colleagues and friends would describe me as caring, kind and a typical Sagittarius! I asked my husband to describe me in 3 words - his answer - "Simply fucking fabulous"  - but he's biased!

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