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Oh hey - thanks for stopping by. What and who is Wandering Wilson I hear you say? Well that's me and my crazy collective of Wanderings. 

Wandering Wilson Photography has recently been joined with Wandering Wild Weddings which is a new shop where you can buy cool and funky wedding favours and table gifts for your guests, as well as Wedding Planning Journals, Table plans and a lot of "Wedding" things.  

The hubby and I also do a little modelling for photographers and pimp ourselves out under the name of Wandering Model Couple, you can see there's a theme here......

And we also have a little travel blog, can you guess what we called that? Yep Wandering is there, Wandering Whenever

So hopefully you are here to buy some fab wedding things from our shop or to book me for my photography, thank you for swinging by :)


Hello Folks!  My name is Michelle and I am crazy , quirky, creative award winning professional photographer, designer, entrepreneur and  business owner currently living in the rustic charms of Rutland with my lovely husband, teenage daughter and my little black cat, Archie. Im a mum of 3 - two who have already flown the nest and a nan to a cute little new baby named Freddie. 

Im a bit of a tree hugger with a passion for all things nature - I love to ski and be amongst the outdoors even though Im always cold!

I'm passionate about kindness and always being honest, my colleagues and friends would describe me as caring, trustworthy, kind and a typical Sagittarius! I asked my husband to describe me in 3 words - his answer - "Simply F**king fabulous"  - but he's biased! 

I have worked in a number of professions over the years from starting off in my 20's modelling and going on to set up my own model agency, though to running a team of 20 in a financial services company. Being a model also means I have great insight with posing to look as natural as possible.There's no need to fret about "hating the camera" with me :)


In between those 2 main careers I became a writer and pro-photographer and now a stationer with my own brand of stationery.

Why stationery I hear you holla, Well 5 years ago I lost all my hair  - putting it down to stress I decided to create a planner to help organise myself and maintain my wellbeing, that turned into the stationery business and is now helping a lot of busy woman plan their lives and take care of themselves at the same time - take a look at www.bossbird.co.uk.

I blogged about my hairloss to help others, as it was a really depressing time for me. Please have a read through my hairloss blog ...its over there ..to your right :)

That's me in a nutshell, my past and present... Who knows what the future will bring... 


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2020 Winner of Femrenuer of the year 

2020 Finalists in National Women in Business Awards

2020 Finalist in SME National business Awards

2020 Finalist for Peterborough Small Business Awards 

2020 Awarded 6 x Wedisson Award for Outstanding Photography

2020 Shortlisted for best Photography in The Uk Wedding Awards

2019 Finalist for Peterborough Small Business Awards 

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